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Welcome to the world of SolarEdge, the leaders in transformative solar energy solutions. With their unmatched expertise in solar power optimization and monitoring, SolarEdge is revolutionizing the way we harness the sun's energy. By embracing SolarEdge, you open the door to a multitude of unmatched advantages. Their state-of-the-art products not only pave the way for a greener future but also give you the power to maximize your energy production and minimize costs. Experience the game-changing potential of SolarEdge's innovative solutions and start saving money while making a positive impact on the environment. Explore their exceptional range of products available on our online store and join the solar energy revolution today.

Our Latest SolarEdge Projects

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SolarEdge Monitoring

Plug Into The Sun

SolarEdge's monitoring app provides real-time insights into energy production and consumption, allowing you to easily track solar generation, monitor system performance, and optimize energy usage right from your mobile device.

Experience seamless remote control and customization with SolarEdge's intuitive app, connecting you to your solar system for unmatched control over energy flow, scheduling of charging and discharging, and the ability to adapt your usage based on specific needs. With remote firmware upgrades and site-specific settings, SolarEdge's monitoring app empowers you to take full charge of your energy and enjoy peace of mind. Discover the convenience and power of SolarEdge's advanced monitoring app and unleash the full potential of your solar energy system.

                        Case Studies


We installed these SolarEdge inverters for a client in Brighton. Since installing the inverter it has maximized energy production. The SolarEdge inverter ensures that every solar panel operates at its peak performance,



We recently installed a SolarEdge inverter for a client in Cambridge, and the results have been outstanding. The SolarEdge inverter has truly maximized energy production, allowing our client to harness the full potential of their solar system


The Benefits Of A SolarEdge System


Award-winning Inverters

SolarEdge's solar inverters, in harmony with their power optimizers, offer reliability and efficiency. Whether you go for the three-phase E-series inverter or the award-winning HD wave single-phase inverter, SolarEdge ensures exceptional performance for your solar system.

Optimised Panel Performance

Elevate your solar panels to smart modules by incorporating SolarEdge Power Optimizers. Experience optimal solar energy harvesting, even in challenging scenarios such as complex designs, shading issues, or mixed panel configurations. Unlock the full potential of your solar PV system with SolarEdge Power Optimizers, maximizing energy generation regardless of the obstacles.


Unlike many string inverters that typically offer a 5-10 year warranty, SolarEdge stands out with a standard 12-year warranty for their inverters. What's more, their Panel Optimizers are backed by an impressive 25-year warranty. This outstanding warranty coverage is just one of the many reasons why SolarEdge is highly recommended in the industry.


SolarEdge sets the benchmark for advanced safety features in the solar industry. With cutting-edge technologies like arc fault detection and module-level shutdown, SolarEdge ensures the highest level of safety for our customers. Rest easy knowing that your solar system is equipped with state-of-the-art safety measures, providing you with complete peace of mind.

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