We specialise in delivering sustainable energy systems to homeowners and businesses across the country using our expertise and knowledge in the renewable industry.
Whether you’re looking for solutions to combat the growing prices of energy or to make the most out of your existing system, we have the answer for you…


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What we cover

Inverter upgrades

EV battery packs

Battery storage systems

PV Panels

Solar cleaning

Full rewiring

Voltage Optimisation


Benefits of  going Solar

Reduced operating costs

Low maintenance

Avoid the ever increasing prices 

Add value to your home

Lower your carbon footprint

Assistance through Government Grants

Lower your electricity bill

... and much more 

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Success stories

  • Location: London

  • Project Type: Solar battery pack

  • Project Duration: 3 hours

This solar battery unit is much larger than conventional battery units holding an impressive 13.4kWh of energy.  The greater battery capacity matches to the larger PV system required by our client – anything smaller would fill up too quickly.

No masonry or special brickwork was required, as the inverter was installed onto a board in the loft of the house.

  • Location: London

  • Project Type: Solar cleaning

  • Project Duration: 1-2 hours

We’ve been planning, designing, installing and maintaining solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for over a decade across the UK in a wide variety of different settings. 

As part of our work we offer solar panel cleaning services to existing customers every 3-4 years depending on their needs.  

  • Location: Hertfordshire

  • Project Type: Solar panel installation

  • Project Duration: 24 hours

Our client's desire to reduce their grid energy usage and limit future price rises lead to the decision to install a solar system on top of their roof. With this in mind, the system was installed with real time PV monitoring to give online access to power output, CO2 savings and FiT earnings on demand through mobile, tablet and desktop. This was done using sophisticated sensors to measure irradiance, ambient temperature and system performance.